How to Write a College Article Review

A college article review is an essay in which a student critiques an academic article. More than a summary, an article review offers the student's insight into the article's content. While instructors usually provide specific guidelines for writing college-level article reviews, there are guidelines that generally apply. An article review includes a brief summary of main ideas and a critique with supporting examples to help determine its usefulness to other researchers.

Step 1

Read and re-read the article. As you pay closer attention to the article, note the author's thesis and supporting ideas. Look at the introduction, conclusion and headers for guiding points. Begin to note your responses to these areas.

Step 2

Reflect in-depth on the author's thesis and how she supports her position and claims. Ask and answer questions that will guide your review. Examples include determining the author's focus in each section. How does that focus contribute to the author's thesis. Reflect on your responses. Consider whether the author present a valid argument, provides appropriate supporting evidence and whether the information provided gives you reason to agree or disagree with the thesis and individual points.

Step 3

Write a one-paragraph summary of the article. An article review is a more critical work than a book review. The summary is only a brief overview of main points. Conciseness is essential. Generally, do not exceed one paragraph.

Step 4

Describe in the next section if and how the article contributes to its field. Discuss whether the article offers new insights into its topic and whether it provides any new insights. Provide examples.

Step 5

Write your evaluation, which ought to be several paragraphs. This is the substantive part of your article review. Critique the material for writing quality and for academic research value. This includes an evaluation of the quality of the research. Your professor may want you to relate the article review to course content. Determine if the article has relevance to its field and to your class material.


Read other article reviews as examples.


Familiarity with the field assists in the article review.

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