How to Write a Conceptual Paper

A conceptual paper addresses a question or a point that cannot be resolved by providing facts. Often, it is a moral question or dilemma that is left to the reader to decipher. A conceptual paper often raises a point and then expands the thought with opinion or debating arguments. One such example could be which came first, the chicken or the egg. The writer then delivers ideas, theories, explanations or further questions.

Determine the topic for the conceptual paper and begin by raising a point or question on that topic. This could be a simple stance on a particular subject or a concise question.

Support a position on the chosen topic that leaves room for debate within the paper. For instance, the writer could choose the position that the chicken came first and begin setting the stage for supporting thoughts.

Provide background information on the chosen position. The writer could point out that it actually takes a chicken and a rooster to conceive an egg.

Argue against the supported position in a debate format. This is not always necessary but could provide the pros and cons for each dilemma. For instance, the writer could argue that the chicken and rooster had to come from an egg first.