How to Write a Cultural Background Paper

Cultural studies is an academic field that includes all aspects of various cultures across the world, including ancestry, location, food, music and history. When taking a cultural studies class, you might need to write a research paper on any one of these studies. A cultural background paper would include the history behind a certain culture and the major events that helped shape that history.

Decide what type of paper you're writing. Your cultural background paper might be simply informative, or it could be an attempt to persuade or convince your audience about a certain premise, such as why a particular culture no longer exists.

Conduct your research. No matter what type of cultural background paper you're writing, you must conduct research. Books, journal articles, studies, research findings and primary sources can provide you with reputable information for your paper.

Organize your cultural background paper. You should have at least three main points or sections to your essay. For example, you might discuss three major aspects of the culture's history, such as war, religion and entertainment. For persuasive or argumentative papers, you should have at least three reasons that back up your theory or claim.

Match your research with your major sections. For each section, you should have reputable resources. Cultural studies papers need evidence to back up claims. Add quotes to your paper. These quotes should come from your most reputable sources.

Add an introduction and conclusion to your paper. Explain major points briefly and introduce the topic in the introduction. In the conclusion, reiterate the major points and how they help prove your theory or claim.

Use a cultural studies style throughout your cultural background paper. Avoid personal statements and use the third person point of view. Don't make claims that your research doesn't support. Keep your sentence structure simple and to the point, and avoid overinflated or empty adjectives.

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