How to Write "T" in Cursive

Updated April 17, 2017

Form the top part of the capital T. Using ruled paper as a guide, begin the top of your T at the underside of the preceding line. Make a slight curve in this line by letting your hand dip slightly and returning to the underside of the line above your writing space.

Find the middle of the line you just drew. Press your writing utensil at the center point of this line, and bring it down until it reaches the line marking the bottom of your writing space. Make this line slant to the left slightly.

Draw 1/4 of a circle to the left of the line you just drew, starting at the point where that line reaches the bottom line on your page.

Draw a short, slightly curved horizontal line until you almost close the top of the 1/4 circle you created.

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  • As you become comfortable writing a T in cursive, your writing should become more fluid. Create the T's stem as one continuous line rather than in three separate movements.
  • Practice the hand movements involved in writing a cursive T using a template, such as the WorksheetPlace.com template linked in the Resources section.
  • Write on a stable surface and use proper posture to form the letter clearly.


  • Left-handed writers sometimes have difficulty with cursive writing because their left hand brushes against their words and letters as they write from left to right. Sitting at a table where they can rest their left elbow and forearm may help to prevent the problem.

Things Needed

  • Ruled paper

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