How to Write a Proposal to Change a Customer Service Process or Procedures

For businesses that rely upon keeping customers happy, it is important to constantly evaluate and, if necessary, modify any customer service processes and procedures that could lead to customer dissatisfaction. Oftentimes, before businesses change a customer service process, they evaluate several proposals addressing the problem. Writing a proposal to change a customer service process or procedure requires you to evaluate the current process in place and compare it to a process you believe will lead to greater customer satisfaction.

Step 1

Explain the purposes of your proposal and indicate to readers how and why your proposal will benefit them. For example, you might indicate that a change in a certain customer service process will increase customer satisfaction.

Step 2

Describe the problem your proposal addresses. For example, a current procedure often requires customers to wait on hold for longer than two minutes.

Step 3

List the objectives of your proposal. One objective should pertain to comparing current customer service practices with the proposed practices. A second objective should pertain to replacing outdated or inefficient customer service procedures.

Step 4

Explain the customer procedure or procedures you believe will solve the articulated problem procedures. For example, you might propose switching to an automated customer service answering program.

Step 5

Detail the way in which your proposed procedure will solve the problem you described at the onset of the proposal. Include an explanation of increased efficiency or customer satisfaction.

Step 6

List the resources required to make the necessary procedure change. This includes personnel, equipment and training, as well as installation time.

Step 7

Schedule the transition from the old procedure to the new procedure. Include an absolute deadline at which the transition must be completed, as well as mini-deadlines for different components of the transition. For example, you might say the overhaul must be completed in its entirety by the start of the next business quarter, but that 25 percent of the system must be completed two months prior in order to conduct tests.

Step 8

Describe the background and prior experience that qualifies you to lead the proposed procedural overhaul. Include other projects on which you participated, as well as your record of improving customer satisfaction or procedural efficiency.

Step 9

Outline the management structure of the overhaul process, including managers, trainers, systems specialists and so on.

Step 10

List and explain the costs associated with the procedural change. Ensure that each listed cost matches up directly with a necessary resource. All costs must associate with required resources.

Step 11

Summarize the process of changing the customer service procedures, including the costs, schedule and resources. Close your proposal’s conclusion with a final explanation of the importance of the procedural change.

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