How to Write a Debate Paper in APA

Debate papers are unique papers where authors use points and counterpoints to present an argument and attempt to convince the reader to think about a topic from a different point of view. The debate paper weighs both sides of an issue, pointing out the pros and cons of each side. Finishing a debate paper involves attempting to convince the reader to think like the author and agree with the author's point of view. Writing the paper in APA format means using tabs, spaces, font points and page setup in a specific manner.

Create the outline for the debate paper, beginning with an introduction. The introduction will state the question or issue debated in the course of the paper, as well as an overview of the different sides of the debate. Fill in the rest of the outline with research and information from both sides of the debate, presenting the opposing side first, followed by the side you support. Give a conclusion, discussing why the audience should support your opinion.

Prepare the word processor for APA format. Set the margins at 1 inch around the perimeter of the paper. Double the line spacing. Use Times New Roman with 12 point font for the letters. Insert headers using the tools specific to the word processor. Flush the page number to the right of the header and include a running title with the number.

Insert the four major sections of an APA paper, which are the title page, abstract, main body and reference page. The title page includes information such as the title of the paper, the name of the author and the university or school where the paper is presented. The abstract is generally a half page overview of the paper as a whole. The main body encompasses the debate and the reference page includes any sources used to support the points within the debate.

Write the debate within the parameters of the prepared APA style paper. APA style dictates that all papers must be typed with a word processor. The length of the body depends on the demands of the assignment, and the reference section is titled once but includes as many pages as necessary to cover all works used to support the debate points.

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