How to Write an Example Lab Report

Lab reports are important to provide a framework to analyze, describe and report findings of experiments. Writing the lab report reveals the knowledge gained on the completed lab experiment. When composing an example lab report, you follow a structured format. The lab report format is essential to document the purpose, methods and outcomes of your experiment. The following process will teach you a simple method to write a lab report.

Step 1

Prepare the lab cover page. Write the report title. Summarize the title to state the main idea of the lab experiment.

Step 2

Create the introductory paragraph. Compose an explanation of the purpose of the experiment. Include background details on the topic.

Step 3

Compose the hypothesis. Provide an educated guess on the expected outcome of the experiment. Write details on the reasons why expected results will occur.

Step 4

Record a list of the materials that will be used in the experiment.

Step 5

Detail the lab experiment procedure. Provide detailed step-by-step instructions of the experiment. Write enough detail to allow the experiment to be replicated.

Step 6

Compose the results section of the report. Record the data collected from the experiment. List the results and explain if the results match the hypothesis.

Step 7

Prepare the lab summary. Write out the conclusion focusing on relative results. Explain whether or not the hypothesis was correct or incorrect.