How to Write an Interview Paper on a Teacher

If you are interested in becoming an educator but don't know much about the career yet, one of the best things you can do is conduct an informational interview. An informational interview is a type of interview that is used to gather information about a specific job or career path, such as a teacher. If you must complete an informational interview with a teacher as part of a school assignment, then you may need to write an interview paper once the assignment is complete.

Take notes during the interview. Make a list of questions to ask and leave space under each one to make notes of the teacher's answer. This makes writing the interview paper easier. An example question you might ask a teacher is "What skills and abilities are most important when working as a teacher?" You can also back up your notes with a tape recording of the interview if your subject agrees.

Write the introduction for the interview paper. The introduction should include who you interviewed, what subject and grade level the person teaches and when the interview took place. To make the introduction more interesting, you can also include a short anecdote, such as something the teacher shared with you or your first impressions upon meeting the teacher face to face.

Add a paragraph per question or topic covered during the interview. Paraphrase the teacher's answers and include your own thoughts. For example, if you and the teacher discussed the education required to become a teacher, this information should be presented in its own paragraph. Then, briefly discuss how you feel about the amount of education required and if you feel that it's a path you will be able to handle.

Conclude your essay with any final thoughts you have about how the interview went or how it has made you view the profession of teaching any differently. For example, upon learning the amount of education needed and the starting salary, you may have decided that teaching is not the right profession for you. On the other hand, after listening to the teacher discuss how rewarding it is to see students learn and progress, you might decide that the rewards are worth the sacrifices.

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