How to Write a Newspaper Article for Fifth-Graders

Newspaper articles are powerful tools in education. Reading news articles gives students valuable information about their world and having students write them introduces students to a real-life application while writing for a specific purpose. In elementary schools, fifth graders, being the oldest, usually are in charge of writing a school newspaper. Article topics in school newspapers include current events, teacher/student spotlights or student work samples. Choosing the right topic makes writing a newspaper article memorable and worthwhile.

Brainstorm a list of possible topics and pick one you are passionate about. Writing about your interests makes the task more enjoyable. If you have to write about a current event, try to choose an event that matches your interests, such as sports, school or the weather.

Research your article topic. If you are writing about the school Veteran's Day assembly, do research on the history of Veterans Day that you could include in your article. Although you will be reporting exclusively on the assembly, your audience may be wondering why Veterans Day is important and why you are holding the assembly. Background information makes the story more interesting.

Interview people relevant to your topic. Adding direct quotes enhances the credibility of your writing. Rather than restating information from a book, getting direct quotes from a first-hand source brings the story to life, making it more memorable. Add your thoughts to the opinions of your interview subject to make a well-rounded article.

Write a rough draft of your story. Have your classmates revise and edit your story for any holes or errors in reporting. Add more information where needed, or take out unnecessary information that detracts from the story.

Draft a final copy of your story and submit it to the class editor for publishing. Your final copy should be free of grammar and spelling errors and ready to be published.

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