How to Write a Press Release for a Play

Plays, whether local or on Broadway, live and die by the size of the audience they attract for each performance. A play that opens to an almost-empty house will probably not run for more than a couple of nights before it closes. A press release is a good way to generate public interest in a play production and one of the best way to ensure a large crowd on opening night. A press release is an announcement sent to the newspapers and trade magazines announcing a play's opening and giving just enough information to entice the public to come and see it. Learn how you can write a press release for a play that will have the house packed on opening night.

Write the words "Press Release" in the upper left-hand corner and write the date the press release is to be publicized. Drop down one line and center. Write a heading that introduces the play. An example heading might be:

_ three-act play _ hits Broadway tonight and promises to deliver the goods.

The first blank is the name of the writer and the second blank is the name of the play.

Start by writing the name of the city in which the play will be performed, followed by a dash, and then 150 to 200 words giving a brief overview of the play, including names of the writer, director and players. Also include information about when the play will open and other venues where the show has played with success.

Write a synopsis of the play in third person. Don't review the play. You want to give a brief overview of the story without giving away any surprise elements. The length of the synopsis should be around 300 or 400 words.

End the press release with 75 to 100 words telling a little about the production company or theater group that is putting on the play, and include complete contact information for the production company. End the press release with ticket pricing information and the locations where the tickets can be purchased.

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