How to Write a Proposal to Teach a Class

There are many traditional and non-traditional subjects to teach in schools and other educational institutions today. Depending on the subject you want to teach, creating a proposal to teach the class may require researching the requirements for the school and subject taught. Once you have reviewed the requirements, you can compose a proposal similar to a business proposal. Writing a proposal to teach a class should include key information that emphasizes the traditional and more creative instructional ideas and material you would cover.

Research the subject requirements and regulations regarding the subject you will be teaching. Verify the necessary qualifications in order to become an instructor for that class. Browse school and educational websites for courses' descriptions and outlines with similar design to the class you want to teach.

Create a title for your class and write out a basic course description. Include information on subject range and material and the overall goal for the course. Write down any prerequisite knowledge or courses that may be necessary to review or have knowledge in prior to students enrolling in the course you will be teaching.

Research the institution's requirements regarding any course fees such as laboratory expenses, supplies or field trips. Write out a list of estimated costs and expenses to be shared by the students and school. Use the overall research and details outlining your class to determine the ideal class size for manageable instruction of the students.

Determine the course value based on the school regulations and standards for credit worth, using your gathered research. Outline the benefits this course will have for students who enroll and the supporting reasons why your skills will assist best as an instructor for this class. Write out a course syllabus referencing the texts and other material that you will be using as instructional tools.

Create a calendar to supplement the syllabus and break the schedule down into daily and weekly time-lines and scheduling for the course term.

Create a cover page for your proposal. Type the Index for your proposal with blank spaces to fill in corresponding page numbers. Type the summary of your class description including the regulatory information needed to teach the course and the goals intended to explore based on the course syllabus.

Type up the text book list you created and use these references to create a printable syllabus and calendar that incorporates the planned schedule you drafted. Include any supplemental attachments such as sample lesson plans or worksheets.

Create an updated resume and cover letter introducing yourself to potential employers. List any significant accomplishments you have garnered that may be relevant to your instruction of this subject. Include information for your hiring expectation such as salary and other expected compensation after reviewing similar position requirements and salaries adopted in the community.

Review your prepared proposal, resume and cover letter for any grammatical or organizational mistakes and make corrections as needed. Reprint any necessary sections and check your page numbers for accuracy. Update the pages listed in your index to reflect the correct sequence and print the relevant index pages.

Arrange your completed and printed proposal in the binder. Label the dividers with the appropriate sections and use them to separate the relevant information using your index as a guide.


Incorporating creative and traditional elements into the subject material taught can make your proposal stand out from others.

Educational standards and requirements may differ depending on the location of the school and subject material taught.

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