How to Write a Response to a Proposal

According to the Simple Business Plan website, proposals are one of the main focuses in the business world. The intent of a proposal is to outline every aspect of a potential project or working relationship. A client will send a proposal to a business in order to determine a potential working relationship. Once the business receives the proposal it must be analyzed carefully. Just because a business receives a proposal does not mean that the client will select them. There are specific guidelines for drafting and sending a response to the proposal in order to secure the client.

Step 1

Read through the entire client proposal and discuss the aspects of the information with other business partners if necessary. If any portion of the proposal is not clear, the business should contact the potential client immediately. Determine when the deadline is for submitting the response to the proposal.

Step 2

Determine if the client provided any guidelines for structuring the response. The Sample Business Plan website explains that a businesses' response to a proposal is a clear illustration of how they will complete the work for the client if they are awarded the specific project. Highlight the scope of the work that the business performs in addition to how the potential work will be completed.

Step 3

Include a detailed list with information about each of the team members who will complete the work for the client. Setting out a clear timeline for completion in addition to progress reports and meetings is essential. Determine and state what the cost will be to complete the project while considering the client's budget.

Step 4

Write the proposal summary by restating all of the major points that exist in the response letter. The conclusion should clearly state why the business should be chosen to complete the work for the client. Make sure that the response is written in a detailed and professional manner.

Step 5

Compare the client's proposal with the businesses' response letter. The Sample Business Plan website explains that the response must cover every point that was addressed in the proposal. The response letter should be proofread and printed before it is sent to the client.

Things You'll Need

  • copy of the client proposal
  • computer
  • word processing software
  • printer