How to Write a Shop Report

A shop report is a report that presents, discusses and analyzes specific shopping opportunities and stores in a chosen area. While some shop reports focus on high-end footwear, others only focus on outerwear and coats. A shop report often identifies trends, popular colors, prominent materials, exquisite designs and provides a profile of the customers. A detailed shop report also provides a comparison of shops analyzed.

Step 1

Write an introduction that states which the shops the report will focus on and where. Include a brief description of the area of choice and information about the local demographic. If possible, make a connection between the focus of the report, such as shoes and accessories, to the town, city or area. For example, recognize any major designers, customers or trends that may have emerged from the area.

Step 2

Start with one shop and write a brief introduction. The introduction should include the shop’s location, address, contact information and website.

Step 3

Write a section for each store explaining what products the shop is selling. Identify whether it is handbags, leather goods or shoes, for example. Write a detailed description of the goods in terms of tone, design, themes and sophistication. Mention any personalized inscriptions the designers are making on their items.

Step 4

Add a paragraph explaining the colors that dominate the items in the shop. For example, the shop may only sell earth tones, navy blues and grays. Another example is identifying shops that only sell leather or silk products, for example.

Step 5

Write a paragraph outlining the prices of items for the shop. This is not a list of all of the prices, but an approximation. For example, write that coats vary between $199 to $499, depending on style and design.

Step 6

Repeat steps 2 to 5 for each shop that is included in the report. Each shop should have its own chapter in the report with a variety of subheadings.

Step 7

Write a section that compares each of the shops presented in the report. Compare their selection of brands, designers, quality of garments, styles, prices and overall customer base. For example, while one shop may have a larger selection of clothing compared to other shops, the quality may be better in the stores with smaller selections.

Step 8

Write a conclusion that sums up the information presented in the report. Give readers direction in terms of where to go to find specific items.

Step 9

Create a table of contents and insert it at the beginning to help readers find information quickly. Make a title page for the report and insert it at the very beginning of the report.

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