How to Write a Source Page

A source page, or “works cited” page or “bibliography” as they are often called, is a way to cite your sources for your research material. This is usually the last page in the document. No research project is complete without one of these pages. For ease of reference and for a uniform look, this page is often organized in accordance with the appropriate style guide.

Step 1

Take notes as you do your research of every piece of source material you use. Whether you are using a book, interview, website, newspaper, magazine, movie or encyclopedia, write down every source. Write the date you accessed the information, the full title, author, editor, URL address, publishing date and location, article title--any relevant information.

Step 2

Know which style your research should be formatted in. Different style guides--MLA, APA, AP and Chicago--require different formatting for the bibliography. Your source page style should be consistent with the rest of your research paper. MLA, or the Modern Language Association, is most commonly used in high school and college level English writing.

Step 3

Organize your sources alphabetically. Each of your sources should be listed by the author’s last name and listed in alphabetical order on your source page. If the author is not available, write the editor’s name. If it is a film, the source is organized by title. If the source has multiple authors, put your source in order of the author’s last name who is listed first.

Step 4

Center your title, in this case “Source Page,” “Works Cited” or “Bibliography,” at the top of your page. While you should verify with your style guidelines, generally the margins should be one inch on all sides. Your font should be no larger than 12 points, in a standard font like Times New Roman or Arial.

Step 5

Flush your source list to the left in descending alphabetical order. If your source information extends beyond one line, some style guides will require you to indent the secondary lines by one inch. There should be a single space between each source listed.

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