How to Bind a Book With String

A beloved book can get a little dog-eared over time. The binding comes loose and the corners often begin to separate. You can rebind a book and repair the cover. Extend the life indefinitely for volumes of your favorites books.

Make sure that any loose pages are in the proper position in the book. Turn the book with the binding flush against a hard work surface. Let the pages fall back against the spine. Press the pages firmly against the spine.

Check the amount of space between the middle of the book (the gutter) and the printed words. Drill the holes to catch all the pages. Measure to ensure you're drilling through the margins, which could make the book difficult to open.

Locate the holes along the spin close to the original binding indentation. Mark four holes to drill in most books; mark three holes in small books.

Place the book on a board before drilling. Use a small gauge drill bit. Drill slowly while holding the drill steady at a right angle to the book. Feel the bit hit the board when the hole is through the pages.

Keep the book stationary once drilling has started. Drill the remaining evenly spaced holes.

Use linen thread for the strongest, most durable binding. Measure a length at least three times the length of the book. Thread the linen through a large needle just smaller than the drill bit.

Sew through two holes and knot the thread. Push the knot towards the next hole. Continue sewing through the remaining holes. Keep the thread taut with the help of an assistant.

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