How to Cancel a Scholastic Book Club Membership

Scholastic is a wonderful source of books for parents, children, and schools. The prices are reasonable, and the convenience is attractive. One of the great features offered by Scholastic is various book clubs geared toward particular titles, interests, and age groups. Joining these clubs can result in significant savings, but if you need to cancel your membership, what should you do? The membership cancellation information can be a little difficult to find, and the process can be tricky unless you know the steps involved.

Locate your account information. You may have a printed version, or you may need to locate it within your online Scholastic Book Club account. Your account number appears on every invoice Scholastic sends out.

Call the toll-free membership cancellation number at 1-800-411-6706.

Tell the customer service representative that you would like to cancel your membership, and indicate which book club you wish to cancel.

Give the customer service representative the requested information including verifying your name, address, and account number.

Inquire as to whether any shipments may be en route that you will be charged for. Write down this information for your records, along with the name of the operator you speak to, the date of the call, and the time of the call. Inquire also if there will be any additional charges due to your cancellation.

Record in writing an confirmation information given to you by the operator, including when the cancellation will take effect, and any fees that will be charged to your credit card for cancellation. End the call, and save your notes in case a problem with your cancellation arises later.

Alternatively, you may contact Scholastic Book Clubs with your cancellation request in writing. Be sure to include your name, address, account number, and which book club membership you wish to cancel if you have more than one. Remember that until your request is received and processed, your credit card may still be billed for shipments. Please allow several weeks for processing. To cancel by mail, send your request to Club Director, Scholastic, P.O. Box 6025, Jefferson City, MO 65102-6025.

If free and bonus gifts were sent as part of the trial membership, those items may be kept regardless of when you cancel.

If you are canceling after the trial period has expired, you will need to pay for the books you have received before your account will be considered closed.

If you are canceling within the trial period, you will need to return the items you have received in order to close your account. The purchase price will be refunded to you, but the shipping and handling charges will not. Also, you will need to return the trial items at your own expense and include a note asking for your membership to be canceled.

Some Scholastic Book Club memberships have a minimum purchase obligation, while others do not. If your membership requires a minimum purchase, you may be charged a cancellation fee for canceling before your obligation has been fulfilled, unless you do so within the trial period.

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