How to Cite an Employee Handbook As a Reference

Many classes no require long research papers with a minimum number of sources that must be cited in the essay. Figuring out how to cite various forms of literature may appear to be a daunting task at first, but in reality, is a very simple and easy process. Many teachers will give guidelines as to how they want the papers cited, and the general citation format utilized in classrooms is the MLA style. This style can be easily found online if the teacher does not hand out a format sheet to refer to how to cite different types of references. An employee handbook would be cited the same way any book or book article is cited, and it is important to properly cite any quotations you take from a handbook to avoid accusation of plagiarism.

Step 1

Write the author's last name in parenthesis after every quotation you take from the handbook, as well as the page number the quote came from. If you have several quotes from the same author and page in the same paragraph, put all quotes in quotations, and at the end of the paragraph put the author's last name and page number in parenthesis.

Step 2

List the source in the bibliography or works cited, in its proper alphabetic position using the author's last name. Write the author's last name first, then her first name. If there are two or more authors, write the last name of the one which comes first in the alphabet, then the rest of the names normally. (Example, Alvin, Charles and Harold Murphy).

Step 3

Put the chapter title next in quotations, capitalizing all major words. Then, write the title of the handbook and underline it. Write the publishing company followed by a period, then where the book was published followed by a period and the year it was published. The finished product should look similar to this with the exception that "Microsoft Employee Handbook" would be underlined. Alvin, Charles and Harold Murphy. "Etiquette in the Office". Microsoft Employee Handbook. Pratt Publishers, Inc. Chicago, IL. 1990.


Consult the MLA official website to make sure you are citing your references correctly.