How to Cite Meeting Minutes in APA Format

Often, when writing in the social sciences, one uses the American Psychological Association Documentation Style. This format, of which the sixth edition is currently being used, focuses on authorship and date of publication. However, APA Documentation Style may also be used to provide information in business, such as citing meeting minutes.

Citing Meeting Minutes on the References Page

Some basic information is necessary when citing anything in APA Documentation Style. For example, the name of the person recording the minutes (if known) should be recorded (last name, first initial).

If his or her name is unavailable, the corporation or organization name would be used for authorship, which would be followed by the date on which the minutes were written. The title of the minutes (or the meeting itself) would then be listed (in italics), followed by the phrase “Meeting minutes” (in brackets).

If the minutes were posted online, including “Retrieved from” and the URL should be included in the citation. Alternately, if the minutes are completely unpublished beyond office communication, “Meeting presented at” and the name of the session or conference would be followed by the city and state of occurrence.

Citing Meeting Minutes In-Text

When citing the minutes within the text of the essay, letter or other document, it should be formatted similarly to other material. Authorship (whether the person who wrote the minutes or the organization from which they were produced) would be indicated first, followed by the year and -- if available -- the page number.