How to Cite an Online Newspaper Article in MLA

The Modern Language Association, or MLA, produces a style guide that is used by many liberal arts and humanities to cite sources and format papers. Citing sources using the correct style not only ensures that your research paper has a uniform style but that those reading your paper can easily identify the work you are citing. Online sources such as newspaper articles are cited in a bibliography in the same way as other print sources.

List the author's last name, followed by a comma, followed by the first name and a period.

For example, "Wright, Steven." If there is no author, do not write anything in that spot.

Leave a space after the author name and then list the title of the article and enclose it in quotation marks.

For example: "Curriculum 2000 Draws Criticism."

Leave a space after the title and list the name of the online newspaper in italics. After the name of the online newspaper, add a colon and list the publisher name in italics, if known.

For example, type and italicize: The Chronicle: the Independent Daily at Duke University.

Add a date of publication using this format: day, month abbreviation, and year.

For example, "25 Jan. 2001."

Add the word "Web" after the date to indicate that it is an online publication.

List the date you accessed the newspaper article in the same format of day, month and year.

For example, "7 Nov. 2001." The complete citation would look like this, with the name of the newspaper in italics:

Wright, Steven. "Curriculum 2000 Draws Criticism." The Chronicle: the Independent Daily at Duke University. 25 Jan. 2001. Web. 7 Nov. 2001.


The first line of your citation should be flushed left. Every subsequent line for the same citation will be indented.