How to Cite a Package Insert

A basic convention of writing is to cite sources from which you gathered information. Citing prevents plagiarism. It's used whenever you are sharing an idea or information that is not original to you. This includes information you learn in documentaries, websites, interviews and package inserts. In the research paper, write the information you wish to share and then tell where you got it. At the end of your paper you will need to list all references, including package inserts.

Type the brand name of the product that you are referencing.

Type the words "package insert" enclosed by brackets.

Type the city and the abbreviated state where the package insert was made. Separate the city from the state with a comma.

Type the manufacturer's name, a semicolon, and the year the insert was produced, then end the citation with a period.

According to the "Quick Reference Citation Format for the AMA Manual of Style," the full reference should look like this:

"Byetta [package insert]. Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc., San Diego, CA; October 2007." If you are citing an online package insert, continue to Step 5.

Type on the next line the web address where the online package insert is located and the date you visited the site to obtain the information.

For example: " Accessed January 13, 2010."

Press "Return," then "Tab." Type the word "Note" followed by a colon. Write whether the package insert is an official document and the last date the document was modified. The last known modification date can be found at the bottom of the document.