How to Cite a Standardized Test

How you cite a standardized test depends on the citation style required by your school or publisher. Since the American Psychological Association (APA) is one of the most recognized methods for scientific citation, this article will give the format for an APA citation of a standardized test.

Citing a Standardized Test

Step 1

Find out which citation style you are required to use. If you are working with a university or college, this information will be given to you as part of the requirements or rubric for your project. If you are not given a specific style to use, I recommend you use APA; it is one of the most widely accepted in academic circles.

Step 2

Treat the standardized test as you would a book. Technically, it is regarded as a test booklet.

Step 3

List the author, last name first. In APA style, you only need an initial for the first name. For a standardized test that has no author listed, the test publisher is used as both author and publisher. The name is followed by a period.

Step 4

Put the year of publication in parentheses, followed by a period, immediately after the author's name.

Step 5

Record the name of the test along with the form or edition of the test used followed by a period. For example, a hypothetical entry could read:

Reading and Math Tests Forms K and L, Sixth Edition.

Note that for a standardized test the edition is part of the name and is written out as such.

Step 6

Cite the city of publication with a colon followed by the name of the publisher.


If possible, use the reference library at your school to help correctly set up your bibliography.

Be sure to get the publisher's permission before quoting from a standardized exam.

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