How to Cite a Webinar

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Information found in a webinar can be a useful addition to any paper since they are generally written and hosted by experts in the given topic. Like any other resource, a webinar must be cited when writing a research paper. If your paper is written in American Psychological Association style, there are specific citation guidelines that must be followed.

The Reference Page

When referencing a webinar, you must cite it on the reference page in the following manner:

Author Last Name, First Initial. Second Initial. (Year, Month Day). Title of webinar [Webinar]. In Company Webinar Series. Retrieved from URL.

Here is an example: O'Leary, D. (2013, May 8). The Medical Device Excise Tax -- Are You Ready? [Webinar]. In Elsevier Business Intelligence Webinar Series (italics). Retrieved from

Note that the name of the company needs to be italicized.

In-Text Citation

When discussing the webinar within the body of your paper, you must include a parenthetical citation, like so: (Author last name, year). For the given example, the in-text citation will look like this: (O'Leary, 2013).


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