How to Cite a Website in APA Format in a Document

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One of the most common ways to format citations is to follow the American Psychological Association (APA) Style. It is typically used to cite information in the social and behavioral sciences, and can be used in documents, research papers or other publications in which you need to give credit to others. The APA Style provides guidelines on how to cite information from many sources, including websites.

Review the website and gather as much information as possible about the site. Make note of the name of the website, title or section used, date of publication, date you retrieved the information and the URL. If there is an author, make note of this as well. Write this information down at the time you access the information to use in your document, as websites are constantly changing and being updated.

Create a listing in the References section of your document. When there is no author, write the name of the website first, followed by a period, then the publication date in parentheses. Write the website title or section, italicized. Lastly, note the date which you accessed the website and the URL. For example: XYZ Information. (2010). About Us. Retrieved May 20, 2011 from

When there is an author, write the last name, followed by the initial of the first name and a period. If there is a second author, add a comma after the period and then the last name and first initial of the additional person. Following the author’s information, write the publication date in parentheses and then the name of the website. Add the date on which you accessed the website and the URL. For example: Doe, J., Smith, F. (2010). XYZ Information. Retrieved May 20, 2011 from

Place in-text citations in the document in one of two ways. Use the website’s name in the sentence where the information is being used. For example: "XYZ Information states the amount of chemicals used in production has been reduced in the last 10 years." Alternatively, place the name of the website, followed by a comma and the date the information was retrieved in parenthesis, at the end of the sentence before the period. For example: "The amount of chemicals used in production of this product has been reduced in the last 10 years (XYZ Information, 2011)."


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