What Is the Climax of "Zebra" by Chaim Potok?

"Zebra" is a short story by Chaim Potok about a young boy who was injured in a car accident and has to wear a brace on his leg and a sling on his arm. The boy, whose nickname is Zebra, meets an injured Vietnam veteran, who ends up teaching an art class at Zebra's school, which Zebra reluctantly signs up for over the summer.

Birth of an Artist

When the veteran, John Wilson, asks Zebra to sign up for his class, Zebra says that he doesn't like to draw. It is only after Wilson gives Zebra a drawing of a zebra that seems to come to life, running across the plains, that he changes his mind. The climax of the story comes when Zebra is in class and is asked to draw something that is very important to him. He draws a picture of a helicopter and a zebra running across a landscape, and he feels the sensation return to his hand. As his artistic passion is awakened, the life returns to his hand.

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