How to Design a Seminar Workbook

If you are organizing a seminar, one way to present it in an organized manner to your participants is through a seminar workbook. This booklet will let everyone know the topics that will be discussed, and any speakers, workshops and activities included in the seminar. The workbook will also have room for topics for discussion and questions for the participants to answer, along with lines for personal notes, and it should tie in what is learned to practical applications and help to produce fruitful discussions.

Define the focus of the seminar. Write a title for the seminar that is accurate and informative. The cover of the workbook should include the title for the seminar, the title of the organization that is offering the seminar, the date and time of the seminar, the location and the names of any highlighted speakers. If that is too much information to put on the front cover, place the title and organization on the front cover and the rest of the information on the first page of the workbook.

Write an introduction to the workbook. The introduction should state the purpose of the seminar, the subject of study or discussion, who is meant to participate and what the organizers hope to gain by holding the seminar. Let participants know if they will receive certification or credit attending the seminar.

Write a table of contents that includes, in chronological order, the times and places (buildings and room numbers) of each portion of the seminar. Include the title of each portion and the name of the speaker or leader of that section. Write a summary of what the participants should hope to learn from attending that portion of the seminar.

Print questions for the participant to ponder beneath each seminar section. Have the leader of that workshop or class write down questions that might lead to fruitful discussions or brainstorming sessions. Leave room, with lines, for the participants to take notes.

End the workbook with a page that includes references, such as books by the speakers to read for further information, and websites.

Find a print shop that will suit your needs. Ask them in what format they would like the file. Type up the workbook in that format and email or bring it in to the print shop. Order enough spiral-bound copies to hand out to all the participants. You may need to submit the order at least one week ahead of the seminar to be sure it is done on time.

Things You'll Need

  • print shop
  • workshop summaries from speakers
  • list of references (books and websites) from speakers