How to Emboss Leather Bound Books

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Leather bound books make wonderful additions to any library. By embossing your leather books you add that final touch of a personalized and well-loved library. The simplest and most efficient way to emboss a book for a personal library is with a seal press, which you can easily find on-line.

Embossing Your Books

Choose a seal with a color that is complementary to the binding of your book. Place the seal sticker into the embossing press.

Depress the handle of the embossing press in a slow and steady motion. Maintaining even pressure and speed while embossing ensures a properly indented seal. Release the handle slowly.

Remove the imprinted seal from the press and open your book to the inside front cover. Chose where you would like to place the seal. Most often seals are found on the first blank page facing the inside cover.

Remove the sticker from its backing and carefully place it in the spot you have chosen. Be sure not to damage the indented seal when pressing it onto the page.


  • If you choose to emboss the page itself without the use of a seal sticker, make sure to depress the handle of the seal press even more slowly than when pressing a sticker. Too much pressure will bend the page and distract from the personalized embossing.


  • You may also wish to emboss your books without seal stickers. In this case, simply use the seal press on the first blank page itself.

Things Needed

  • Seal press
  • Seal sticker


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