How to Forward Magazines to a New Address

You need to take many things into account when moving into a new place. Not only do you have to move all of your possessions, sort out your finances and decide how you will use all of your new space, but you also have to forward your mail to your new address, including any magazines that you subscribe to. In order to avoid missing any issues of your favorite magazines, you want to officially forward your mail to your new address and actually alert someone who works at the magazine that you are moving.

Access and fill out the United States Postal Service's change of address form online as soon as possible. Pick a date to start forwarding your mail and choose either a permanent or temporary move from the first page on the change of address form. Click on the "Continue" button when done.

Choose the type of move -- individual, family or business -- from the next page. Click "Continue" when you are done.

Fill out the personal information form that appears and click on the "Continue" button at the bottom of the page. Verify your identity to finish the change of address form. You will be charged a $1 fee for this service.

Check to make sure the information that you have input is correct, then complete the change of address form.

Notify the magazines that you want forwarded to your new address by contacting someone who works in customer service. This can usually be done via Internet, paper mail or telephone. In order to avoid missing any issues try to do this six weeks in advance.


Contact information for magazines can be found on the magazine's websites and in the magazines themselves.

The USPS will stop forwarding periodicals to your new address 60 days after you move, so alert the magazine of your move as soon as possible. If your move is temporary, the USPS will simply dispose of your magazine. If your move is permanent, they will send the magazine back to the sender along with your new address. It is then up to them to change your address in their system which may result in a loss of issues.

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