How to Read Unpublished Books for a Living


Most people dream of being able to do what they love for a living. Making a living reading unpublished books seems too good to be true, but it is possible. Publishing companies hire freelance readers to read unpublished books to give opinions and summarize the book's material. The pay rate is usually $25-$100 for each manuscript.

Apply to publishing houses and literary agencies for internship and entry-level positions. Many freelance readers start out as interns, and internships and entry-level positions get you involved in the publishing industry and help you develop contacts.

Submit inquiries to publishing houses and literary agencies. Ask if they have manuscripts that require freelance readers or state your interest in freelance writing. Even if they have no current opportunities, they can keep your contact information on file.

Become educated on the literary world. Keep up with the bestseller list so you know what material is selling and currently popular. Continue reading for pleasure and write your own reviews for experience. Publish your reviews when possible. Publishing companies like to have their work promoted and may contact you as you develop a following.

Inquire at other places that may require freelance readers, such as production companies. Many of these companies also hire freelance readers to give opinions on movie and television scripts.

Develop your editing skills and apply for entry-level writing or editing positions. Getting involved in this aspect of the literary industry will strengthen your skills as a potential freelance reader and help you form connections to use when networking for a freelance reader position.