How to Be an Advocate

Updated July 12, 2018

We all have a passion or a cause that we care about. Being an advocate for that cause is always the right thing to do. Have your voice heard. Help those who cannot help themselves.

Decide on a topic you wish to advocate. Make this something you are truly passionate about.

Research the topic you are passionate about. Advocacy starts with knowledge. Learn everything you can to be well informed about your cause.

Find other groups that advocate for the same things you do. Do an online search for advocacy message boards or meet groups that have the same passion as you. Join these groups and stay involved. Having a support system is essential for an advocate.

Get your information out there. Arrange meetings, seminars and rallies to help your cause. Involve the community by sending out mailings, canvassing your area with fliers and handing out brochures at your local hangouts or heavily trafficked areas. The more people that know, the better turnout you will have.

Write letters to the newspaper, Congressmen and organizations in your area to help support your cause. Both the websites for the U.S. House of Representatives and the National Write Your Congressman have ways to write in and have your voice heard.

Use bumper stickers, buttons, badges or window stickers to share your views with passers-by. Advocacy requires support and these things help get support. Websites like Customized Stickers and Logo-It have ways to get customized information at an affordable price.

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