How to Write an eBook to Sell on the Internet

Updated July 12, 2018

We live in an age of information and technology, where if people want something, they want it immediately, without delay. E-books are popular because they are easily transmitted, easily stored and are free or inexpensive to produce. Self-publishing an e-book means you don't have to submit a manuscript to a publishing house and face a lengthy wait and possible rejection. If you have expertise in a topic, you can write an e-book to sell on the Internet for a profit.

Choose a topic, preferably one on which you are passionate and knowledgeable. Think about experiences in your life where you learned something, and how you can share this information with others. Think about your talents and skills, and what you can teach others. How-to e-books are among the best sellers. For example, a cake decorator may want to write an e-book about "How To Make Themed Cakes."

Make an outline. If you wrote term papers in high school or college, you can write an e-book. Decide what your major topics will be and create an outline of the topics, in chronological order, if applicable. Jot some ideas down in a journal for a few weeks before you start writing the book.

Do your research. Just like writing a term paper, you must present facts to back up your ideas and to lend credibility to your writing. Surf the Internet for other articles or credible websites that support your ideas. Find resources to help your reader, such as forums, articles and blogs relating to the topic. Save the links to these sites for later.

Write your e-book using a word processing software. You don't have to purchase expensive e-book software to write and distribute an e-book. Your e-book can be any length, but remember that people like to get their information quickly, so you don't want your book to be too long. Remember that your readers will have a sense of urgency about learning the topic of your book. If your e-book is very long, consider splitting it up into several smaller e-books on different specific topics. Using the cake decorating example, the author may want to write several e-books explaining how to create shaped cakes, ideas for children's birthday cakes, how to use fondant icing or a book of cake recipes.

Ask friends, family or co-workers with good editing skills to proofread your e-book. Ask for honest input and suggestions that will improve your book. Correct any mistakes and make necessary changes.

Add photos to your e-book. If possible, use your own to avoid rights disputes. For example, our cake decorator may want to show photos of her completed cakes, steps in the decorating process, photos of ingredients, her participation in contests, awards she has won, and so on. If you don't have your own photos, use some from public-domain, free photo sites on the internet. Photos will make reading your e-book more interesting.

Convert your document to a PDF file. You can find several free services on the Internet to do this if you don't have PDF capabilities on your computer. Converting the document to a PDF makes it more difficult for others to copy your work. Documents in PDF also are more easily transmitted via email and downloads, and they tend to look more professional.

Consider writing an e-book to promote your business. When you are the author of an e-book, you can add links to your website, affiliate programs, blog or online products. You are in control. You can create an affiliate program and allow others to sell your e-book on their websites for a commission. You can give your e-book away as a gift, knowing that readers will visit your links and may become your customer.

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