How to Find Christian Writing Assignments

Christian writing topics are a great way to make extra cash while also educating and inspiring people through your writing. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities out there for writers to write on Christian topics. From newspaper and magazine articles, to Web content, blogs, columns and so much more.

Purchase a copy of the "Christian Writers' Market Guide" by Sally Stuart. Updated annually, this reference tool provides contact information and writing needs for Christian online publications, newspapers, periodicals, book publishers, specialty markets, poetry markets and more (see Resources below).

Contact Christian magazines and ask for writers' guidelines, then pitch an article idea to the appropriate editor.

Ask your pastor/priest if they have any connections with Christian publications, and if so, ask them to recommend you.

Become a member of the website to network with other Christian writers and find Christian writers via their website (see Resources below).


Pick a Christian topic that you are passionate about and start a blog. This way you have writing samples to send to editors if the opportunity arises.

Do not look to get rich quick when writing Christian articles. Most Christian publications do not pay a lot of money.