How to Design an Advertisement

Regardless of the product or service you want to write an advertisement for, the guidelines for designing a strong, effective advertisement are the same. Product focus, clarity, and audience appeal are the keys to a successful advertising for any business. Marketing a product or service successfully through advertising can mean the difference between a long-term profitable business and a business that doesn't last a year. Learn how you can design an advertisement that will show your product or service in its best light and make your business successful.

Understand the product or service you want to design an advertisement for. This is the key step because you want to identify the target audience for the product or service. This will be the audience the advertisement is aimed at. An advertisement that misses its target audience will fall short every time.

Consider the medium for your advertisement. Will it be in a major glossy magazine or a newspaper? How much space will you have to work with? A full page color magazine advertisement will give you more freedom to use graphics than a 5 by 5-inch black and white ad in a newspaper.

Write a strong, catchy headline. The headline will be the word or phrase that draws attention to your advertisement. You want the headline to ask a question your audience will want to know the answer to. The headline should say something to pique audience interest. Make reference in your headline to a universal issue when possible.

Keep the rest of the text to the point. Set up the situation (what the problem is), suggest a solution (what will fix the problem), and name the product. Example: Audience is thirsty, buy a refreshing drink, what about this drink? Convince the audience with a few select details that will ensure them the drink you're advertising is the best drink.

Use eye-appealing graphics if space permits. The image should be at the forefront of the text if the image can say what you want better than words. The old saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words," is true. Consider the images you use in your advertisement wisely.