How to Make Money With Sports Writing

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For sports lovers, the opportunity to make a living writing about their favorite teams, games or competitions might seem like a dream come true. There are traditional and nontraditional routes to sportswriting success. Sportswriting is competitive; be sure you have the skills and determination to do the job.

Start a sports-focused blog to hone your craft. Blogs are an inexpensive, and often free, way to make a name for yourself using the new media. Set up an account with a blog publishing site and start writing. By placing ads on your site, you can earn money each time someone follows a link from your page.

Become a contributing writer to your local newspaper. This is a traditional way to make money with sportswriting, though it might not pay right away. Closely follow local and national sports, and write articles about them. Submit them as a freelance writer. This will help you gain clips for your portfolio, and it may lead to a paying position.

Submit an article pitch to a sports magazine. Check with each magazine’s submission guidelines to see if it accepts unsolicited work. If the magazine does, submit an idea to the editorial staff that you think would be a great fit for the magazine. If necessary, hire a literary agent to help you get your foot in the door.

Apply for an internship with your desired sports publication. Internships are often unpaid, but they are an effective means to establish yourself in the world of sportswriting. An internship will help you become familiar with the ins and outs of the publishing industry while allowing you the opportunity to network with professionals. This has the potential to land you a paying position.

Write a query letter to a publisher to pitch a book idea for the sports topic of your choosing. If you have a subject you think would be a hit in the sports community, start writing it today. Send a formal query letter to an editor to try and get it published. You may need to hire a literary agent, depending on each publisher’s submissions guidelines.