How to Write an Analytical Business Report


An analytical report is one that contains many distinct details about a particular process or system. Instead of a global report, which deals with a more overall look at a process, an analytical report focuses on the fine details that other reports might skim over. If you have an analytical report to write, you want to do so in a detailed focused way.

Scrutinize the areas that you are writing about before starting your analytical report. It is important to focus on the various areas that you need to write about. Make sure that you have done a complete look over the area, and create a list of the various points that you would like to cover.

List the pros and cons of each of the areas and discuss them in a detail-oriented way. Create a heading for each of the subjects, and then write one paragraph about the pros and one paragraph about the cons for each subject. Discuss them completely, using as many details as possible.

Incorporate details whenever possible.