How to Publish Your Own Book in Ontario, Canada


Getting your book published can be a long process and requires patience and persistence. There are several publishing companies in Ontario, Canada, that you can submit your query letter or book proposal to, but most publishing companies prefer to work with literary agents. Obtaining a good literary agent and making your writing stand out to gain more attention is the key to success. If you do not want to go through a publishing company, there are also methods to self-publish your book.

Publish with a Publishing Company

Find a literary agent. You can locate an agent through either the local listings or by searching online. You may also want to contact publishing companies in Ontario and ask them which literary agents they prefer to work with and contact those agents. Send a copy of your query letter or book proposal to several different literary agents. Make your writing stand out to the agents by finding something unique or catchy to write in the book proposal or query. Sending a copy to multiple literary agents increases your chances of receiving a response.

Write your book. Once a literary agent agrees to represent your book, you must then write the book. The literary agent will do her best to get a publishing company to sign a contract to publish your book. In Ontario, there are several different book publishing companies. Getting a book published, however, will require your literary agent to submit copies of your proposal to many publishing companies, which may include publishers all over the world.

Join a writing group or forum online. The Organization of Book Publishers of Ontario provides several free resources for writers, including publishing tips, writer forums and publisher listings. Being a part of a writing group will expose you to other writers' suggestions, tips and ideas, which can be very beneficial to you as an author.

Self-Publish Your Book

Write your book. Once you have edited and completed your book, you can have someone design a book cover or you can design one yourself. To locate someone to design the book cover for you, search local listings for artists, graphic designers and print shops. Artists and graphic designers can design the book cover to your specifications and many print shops have computer-based design programs you can use to design the book cover and then print it.

Apply for an International Standard Book Number (ISBN). In order to publish your book, you will need an ISBN for your book so it can be sold via retail methods or placed in libraries. This will register your book internationally so it can be easily searched for and recognized through its unique ISBN. Apply for an ISBN through the National Library of Canada ISBN Agency. Applying for a new ISBN number is free of charge.

Publish your book. Choose an online self-publishing service, a local printing company or print your book using your own printer. Once you have published your book, you can decide whether to market your book or keep it for personal use. If you choose to market your book, locate a marketing company by searching local listings or the Internet and schedule a meeting with a marketing professional to review marketing options, tips and pricing.

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