How do I Become a Drug Abuse Motivational Speaker?

Things You'll Need

  • Paper or computer
  • Stamps
  • Envelopes
  • Internet

Marketing yourself as a motivational speaker in today's high tech society is more complicated than ever. In the huge, competitive Internet market, standing out is the key. Motivational speakers use the art of persuasion to convince an audience of their opinion. To convincingly sell or persuade others, you have to sell yourself. Motivating people to not abuse drugs doesn't have to come from a lifetime of your own bad experience. A compassionate heart that wants to encourage people is the start.

Interview drug abusers or write down your own story. Focus on one purpose for your speech and do that well. Personal experiences of your own or with others you know will make your persuasive speech more realistic.

Write down what you want to say on paper or your computer. Organize the purpose of your speech into points and sub-points. Each point or sub-point should be substantiated by facts and reinforce the main purpose of your speech.

Add stories or personal annotates to keep your speech interesting and real. The stories should be “word pictures” that help the listener understand what you are trying to say.

Practice your speech in front of a group of like minded-peers or colleagues. Preparation and practice are the keys to being a good speaker.

Market yourself. Send letters to organizations and schools that work with the drug abuse problem and that will be looking for a speaker. Introduce yourself in the letter and describe what you want to tell their audience. You may have a great story to tell, but it won't help if no one knows about it.

Join marketing sites online who will list you on their page.

Create your own website that is catchy and distinct when the person gets to it. Make your title page search-able by wording it with phrases that people are looking for. Your key words or phases are the words people are searching for.

Go to a sites like Google Adword to discover words that are being searched for on the Internet. Use these words in your title page and often throughout your advertising. Add yourself to the social networking pages such as Facebook and MySpace to make yourself known.

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