How to Write a Book in 5 Easy Steps

Things You'll Need

  • paper
  • pencil
  • folders
  • divider labels

This article will teach you how to write a book in five easy steps. At first it may seem challenging to do this but if you follow the steps you will discover that you end up with a finished book. Of course writing skill and attention to details count also. And an interesting plot will keep your readers reading. These guidelines will be similar to the frame of a building. They will add support and structure to your writing but it will be up to you to fill in the rest to create a cohesive whole.

Writing your book


Begin by writing down the main characters in your plot. Create a page for each one with likes and dislikes and physical attributes. Give each one a major flaw that the character may or may not be overcome in the book. Determine where the book will take place. Do research about this place to add details that set the scene in a believable way.

Keep each of those sets of notations divided with tabs in a folder so you can add more later.


Divide your book into chapters. Make sure each chapter is twenty pages long. Write twenty chapters in a 400 page novel. Doing this will give it structure as you write. Make a longer or shorter book by using this system to determine the number of pages that need to be written.


Write at the same time every day. Put in the time to write a set number of pages. Doing ten pages a day is ideal but even if you only did one page a day you would be finished with your book in about a year.


Use what you know. Think of places you have been and use these things in your plot. Write what you are familiar with and that will shine through. Remember to add a hook at the end of each chapter this is when you leave the reader wanting to find out what happens. Using this technique will keep the readers turning the pages.


Remember each chapter is divided into three parts, the beginning, the middle, and the end. Use this to build suspense in your plot. Treating each chapter this way will prevent writer's block in the middle of the book. Rewrite the areas in the manuscript that need more plot or more substance.


Remember to set aside your finished manuscript for a few weeks. This will give you a fresh perspective when you return to read it.