How to Make Newspaper Bylines


A newspaper byline is a line of type that lets readers know which writer is responsible for a certain article. The byline is typically just a few words, but is an imperative part of a completed article. Often, the byline comes just under the title of the article. If you're getting started in the newspaper industry, or if you're making a newspaper for a class project or family craft, you'll need to understand the basics of putting together a proper byline.

Write the word "by" to begin the byline. Some newspapers capitalize the letter B, while some leave it lowercase. Consult the style method of the newspaper you're working with to determine which to use, or choose for yourself, if you're writing the article for yourself at home.

Type your name following one space after the "By." Type your name the way you want to be known professionally. For example, add your middle initial if you want to include that information.

Omit Mr. or Mrs. from your typed name, but leave Dr. if you have a doctorate and want to include this information in your byline.

Type the name of the publication or group you are with after your name, if this information is appropriate to the article. For example, if you are a professor of literature and are writing an article on post-modern literature, you may want to include your credentials. Type a comma after your name, and write the appropriate information: Dr. Elizabeth Smith, professor of literature at Columbia University.

Proofread the byline to make sure it looks just the way you want it, and ensure there are no spelling mistakes.