What Magazines Do Men Ages 35-40 Read?

The magazine industry is one of the few industries to feel little to no negative impact during the recent recession. This is due largely to the fact that people still very much enjoy reading magazines and are willing to pay the relatively low cost associated with their purchase.

People tend to buy magazines that cover topics they are interested in or that directly effect their lives. Therefore, men between the ages of 35 and 40 are likely interested in finances, fitness, cars and sports. While this is not an exhaustive list of mens' interests, it encapsulates a large majority of the male intrigue.

Finance, Career and Success Magazines

There are a wide variety of magazines that can fit into the category relating to money and success. Men between the ages of 35 and 40 have usually settled into longterm employment by this point and are looking to achieve their highest goals within their career. Magazines like "GQ" often profile successful men as well as detail the latest in men's fashions geared towards the well-dressed businessmen. Other financial magazines such as "Forbes", "Smart Money" and "The Economist" offer readers the latest in economic and financial market news, articles and tips. Many men within the 35-40 age range would find these sorts of magazines helpful as they climb the corporate ladder.

Fitness Magazines

Men of any age are usually interested in fitness and health. However, men between the ages of 35 and 40 are typically beginning to consider issues such as heart disease, cholesterol and overall health as they approach middle age. "Men's Health" magazine is the #1 selling men's magazine on the market as of March 2011. It covers all aspects of men's issues including fitness, nutrition, sexual health, stress management and proper exercise. Other popular men's health magazines include "Men's Fitness" and "Maximum Fitness Magazine".

Cars Magazines

Many men have a fervent interest in cars, racing and car parts. Men in the 35-40 age range typically have a little more discretionary income than their younger counterparts and can afford to delve into hobbies such as rebuilding cars, collecting classic cars or attending various car racing events. "Motor Trend" is a very popular magazine geared towards the car and racing enthusiast. Other popular choices include "Car and Driver" and "Luxury Auto".


Nearly every man at any age enjoys sports. Whether it is baseball, football, hockey or basketball, there is a magazine available covering the recreation. ESPN puts out a monthly magazine that covers nearly all sports-related topics and often features a famous athlete on the cover. "Sports Illustrated" is probably one of the most famous sports magazines in the world. For the man with a specific hobby, magazines like "Field and Stream" and "Golf Digest" are great choices for huntsman and golfers, respectively.

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