How to Make an APA Style Reference for a Student Handbook

A student handbook is a collective source of information about a school's various policies, services and activities. When documenting the use of a student handbook within written material, such as a paper or essay, follow the correct guidelines established by the American Psychological Association (APA). To properly document a student handbook you must reference it as a pamphlet, as a student handbook constitutes a small publication pertaining to one subject, that of the school.

Step 1

Reference the student handbook by including its author, date, title, type of document, place of publication and publisher. For a student handbook the author and publisher typically are the same. For example, "Jones High School. (2011). Jones High Student Handbook. [Pamphlet]. Charlotte, NC: Jones High School."

Step 2

Place the date in parentheses, with a period both before and after it. Italicize the student handbook's name. Indicate the type of document by placing it in brackets and insert a colon after the place of publication.

Step 3

Format the student handbook entry on the references page of the paper by indenting each line except the first. Place the reference on the page based on alphabetical order.

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