How to Make Your Own Journal Book

Journals serve many purposes. They can be used for classroom activities or for more personal reasons. Journals can be used to record thoughts, feelings, observations, notes or other information. They also have more creative uses like storytelling and drawing. There are many methods for creating your own journal book. A sturdy and visually appealing method includes the use of cardboard, fabric, paper, glue and yarn.


Decide how the journal will used in order to choose the appropriate paper, lined or blank. Select the amount of paper you want in the journal and use a paper cutter to cut the paper to a desired size. All pages must be the same size. Align the stack along the left side. Use a hole punch to create several holes along the left margin. Sew the stack together with yarn.


Cut two pieces of cardboard slightly larger than your paper. Lay the pieces side-by-side as an open cover on top of thin, decorative fabric or wrapping paper. Leave a narrow space between the cardboard pieces for the spine. Glue the cardboard pieces in place, folding and gluing excess fabric over the edges. Next hold your interior book pages perpendicular to your open cover, placing the sewn spine in the space between the cardboard pieces. Open the front and back pages so they lay flat on top of the inside covers. Glue them in place to secure your book pages to the cover.