Personal Biography Ideas

A personal biography, also called an autobiography, is a summary of the author's life experiences. The most famous autobiographies are those published by famous politicians, celebrities or sportsmen, who want to inspire readers through their own success story. However, short autobiographies also are used in websites and in publications to boost the credibility of their content. Whatever the size of your autobiography, there are a few ideas to give a special touch to your story.

Important Moments Instead of Timeline

Writing the story of your life from your beginnings to the present can be tiring for readers who want to read the specific points of your personal and professional success. Instead, you can divide the autobiography in chapters, or paragraphs, according to their importance. Inside these chapters, when a reference is necessary, you can include details of your childhood. For example, if one part is about your dad attending your graduation day, you can start writing about how he has been by your side all your life.


You can avoid writing a lengthy text, especially when your autobiography will be put in a website where users won't have much time to read the author's story. Instead, create bubbles using programs like Microsoft Paint where you include concise references of your life and career. They must have a clear title, which can be either the year or a reference to your achievement, and should not include more that 25 to 30 words. For example, a bubble can include the following: "2005: Graduated from Harvard with an honors degree in psychology. My parent's pride kept me motivated to keep trying hard on the professional track."

Video Autobiography

There is no rule that autobiographies must be on written forms; they can be recordings or videos of you narrating your story. A video of yourself talking to the viewer can be a compelling method to present your story and achievements, complete with pictures and video coverage of your life. It also is a way to guarantee the authenticity of your biography, removing doubts that your written autobiography may not be entirely your own creation.

Put Your Story Into Context

Your academic, personal and professional achievements will be remembered for changes they made in your life and the life of others. For example, your achievements in college basketball have contributed to the success of a team and to the joy of the fans. Include excerpts from the team's history that corresponds to your contribution, and include comments made by fans. For professionals, this process can include references and positive comments from employers and colleagues. By including facts other than your own experience, you enhance the autobiography's credibility and stress the importance of your success.