How to Print a Page from Google Books

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Google Books is a way to explore and read a wide range of books. In many cases, you can read the entire book for free. Other services allow you to read only a few pages before you are required to purchase the book online. Google Books restricts printing from its database, but there's a way around that restriction.

Download the Firefox browser and install the FireShot add-on. Both can be found at the Firefox website (see Resources below).

Go to Google Books and choose a book. Scroll to the page you wish to print.

Click the "Full Screen" icon at the upper right.

Use the "+" and "-" symbols to zoom in or out and resize the page to fit the screen. In most cases, you will need to zoom out.

Right-click within your browser and click on "FireShot--Take screenshot (entire page) and ...". Then choose "... Edit."

In the FireShot editor, click and drag to draw a box around the image of the Google page you wish to print. At right, click "Crop."

Save the cropped image of the page to your hard drive as a JPG file.

Open the JPG file in your image viewer and print the image.


  • Respect copyright laws.


  • FireShot can be used to take a picture of any webpage.

Things Needed

  • Firefox browser
  • FireShot add-on for Firefox
  • Image-viewing program

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