How to Publish a Student Book for Free

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Although there are websites available that allow you to publish your own student book, many -- though not all -- will require that you pay a fee for administrative and printing costs. Another option for publishing your book student book for free is using the traditional route: sending your book to an agent who will then approach book publishers. If your book is what the publisher is looking for and they choose to publish it, you won't have to pay a cent.

Free Offline Book Publishing

Write your entire book before you send it to an agent. Although agents and book publishers might consider uncompleted manuscripts, because you are a student and likely have little experience writing books, they will need to see the finished work.

Proofread the book yourself and give it to at least one adult who can proofread it as well. You should also offer it to people who would be interested in purchasing it. For example, if your book is on effective study habits for students in grades six to eight, give it to students in those grades or teachers who teach those grades. Ask your proofreaders if they notice any inconsistencies and if they would buy the book themselves.

Find an agent who considers student books. To find appropriate agents navigate to the Association of Authors' Representatives website and search for agents. In the search dialog box, type the topic or genre of your book. For example, your book is directed at children of your own age, type "children."

Read the submission criteria for each agent on their website. Some agents will ask you to submit your work through a form on their website, while others will ask you to send a hard copy of your work through the mail.

Compose a query letter that you will send with the electronic or paper copy of your student book. Your query letter needs to tell the agent what the book is about in addition to what you are about and why you are the best person to write the book. This letter should only be about a page long, but it needs to get the agent's attention so that he reads the work.

Wait for the agent to contact you regarding if he will accept your manuscript and offer it to publishers. Agents are very busy, so it may take months before he gets back to you.

Wait to hear from your agent regarding your manuscript's acceptance by a publisher if your agent has chosen to represent you. Your agent will know which publishers to take it to, but be in regular contact with the agent to ensure this is happening.

Free Online Book Publishing

Navigate to a website that specializes in self-publishing books online. Three websites that offer these services are Lulu, CreateSpace and Word Clay.

Create an account with an online self-publishing website. You will need to include your name, your email address, a password, and you may need to include other contact information, such as your phone number.

Select the type of book you would like to publish -- paperback or hardcover -- and upload the book to your account. The book can be in Word or PDF format to upload.

Design the cover for your book. These websites have options that allow you to upload photos and images and select the text you would like to use on the cover.

Set the price for your book, compose any book marketing information you would like to use to promote the book, and approve and publish the book.