Romantic Inscription Ideas

An inscription is an effective way to personalize a gift, whether it’s jewelry, a book or a plaque. Many inscriptions are engraved or embossed by a professional, but you can do some inscriptions, such as by writing a poem, quotation or loving thought on the inside cover of a book. The gift type or occasion could help you choose the inscription.

Jewelry Inscriptions

Perhaps the most common inscriptions are those engraved inside a ring or on a watch or locket. Space is limited if you want your love to read the inscription, but you could, for instance, use your initials and a date to commemorate a special event. Leave a message, such as “You hold my heart” or “Forever and always.” You might also use texting rules. “Yours 4ever” or “I (heart sign) U.” Say it in Latin or another language to make it different. Go with “Je t'adore” for “I adore you” in French or “In aeternum” meaning “forever” in Latin.

Gem of Love

You can inscribe a tiny quotation around the rim of a stone, according to “Ring Engraving Ideas & Tips” for The Knot. The tiny inscription marks the stone as yours if it’s lost or stolen, in addition to proclaiming your love. Your jeweler will have to have this done for you before you take possession of the jewelry, so allow plenty of time if you want to present it to your love. You might use a favorite poetic line or a phrase that has meaning to the two of you, such as “Remember when we walked on the sand and dreamed of our future.”

Literary Inscriptions

Inscribing a romantic thought inside a book might be easier than on jewelry because you have more space to work with. You can calligraph a favorite quotation, poem or Bible verse inside the front cover or use your own words. Tie the inscription to the type of book, such as “You flavor my life with love” inside a cookbook or “My heart sings with yours” inside a music folio or on a CD. Embellish the inscription with fancy lettering, tiny pictures and little hearts to make it more attractive and personal.

Miscellaneous Ideas

Let your sweetheart know that you love him by inscribing his name and “The Man of My Dreams” on a trophy or writing it on a small decorative pillow in fabric ink. Etch a date on a trophy to remind your sweetie of the day when he took possession of your heart. Proclaim him the “World’s Best Boyfriend” or “Keeper of my heart” on a plaque for his desk or fabric-paint it on a shirt or blanket for his bed.

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