How to Send Your Script to Comedy Central Writers

So you have just finished typing the "fade to black" on your comedy script and are anxious to have it read by industry professionals. You think that it is either perfect for an episode of TV for a current Comedy Central show, or even better, maybe the pilot to a new series. The only trouble is, to whom do you send it? While the possibility of the script getting read and made might be a long shot, it is certainly worth trying.

Join a website that details industry information. The Internet Movie Database and and InBaseline are two quality resources that keep industry information up to date. IMDb has a "professional" version IMDb pro that does cost money to join, though they do offer a free week trial. InBaseline can be joined and used for free.

Locate the production company that produces the TV show where the writer is hired. Each writer is employed by the studio and production company of the TV show, not Comedy Central. While the studio technically pays the writer, the writer's office will be housed in the production office. The production office may or may not be on the studio lot. Use the search engine on these websites to type in the make of the show. The production company will appear.

Obtain contact information of the production company. These websites will provide an address and phone number. They may or may not provide a general office email.

Write a query letter to the writer who works on the Comedy Central show. Write a short note detailing who you are, what you have written and very nicely ask the writer to read your work.

Mail the script and query letter. After printing the script and query letter, address the envelope to the name of the production company "in care of" or to the "attention of" the writer you want to read your script.

Follow up with the production office. While production offices and writers tend to not read unsolicited material, there is a chance that the Comedy Central writer will actually read your work. Follow up with a phone call to the production office, and check with the writer's assistant. Be polite and reiterate your passion for your work. You never know, the writer might read it, and you might strike up a bond. Before you know it, you can be staffed on a show.


The regular IMDb website will not provide the addresses. You must purchase the "pro" version.


You might try the same process, but send your material to TV literary agents. If they sign you, they can send the script to Comedy Central writers.

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