What Is the Theme of the Book "The Last Thing I Remember"?

"The Last Thing I Remember" is a young adult action novel written by Andrew Klavan and published in 2009. It's the first book in the "Homelanders" series. The story includes some aspects of torture, so it's intended for older teen and young adult readers. The central character Charlie West has a black belt in karate and lives a normal teen existence until he wakes up a year later in a torture chamber in an unfamiliar compound. The theme centers on Charlie's noble and self-disciplined attempts to survive and uncover the events that led to his mysterious kidnapping.

Survival, Despite the Odds

Klavan focuses on the central theme of survival and beating the odds. Charlie has no recollection of what happened but soon realizes he's a fugitive of the law and is wanted for murder. He's accused of killing his friend Alex. Charlie recognizes his circumstances and faces obstacles without fear as he seeks to find justice and the truth.

Controlled Strength

This fast-paced thriller sends a strong message about the importance of self-discipline. Sensei Mike has taught Charlie to avoid conflict unless it's absolutely necessary. Charlie abides by this code of pacifism, but realizes it doesn't mean he should allow himself to be killed or bullied. Charlie approaches situations with a level head and strong willpower and upholds an unbreakable moral stance. The themes support common messages in martial arts, such as discipline, respect and self-control.