The Best Way to Store Paperback Books

Owning a large collection of paperback books that you love and want to share with others is an impressive feat. Storing those books becomes difficult if you suffer from space constraints, but knowing how to store your paperback books can remedy that issue. Taking care of your paperback books means owning the books for years. Storing them correctly makes that possible. Don't let incorrect storage lead to the loss of your paperback books.

Choose the books you want to store on a bookshelf or in storage boxes. You can rotate the books out of storage as you feel the need or as you finish reading the books on the shelves.

Distribute the paperback books so the weight of the books sits evenly on the shelves of the bookcase. Use a bookend to keep books upright or lay a few books horizontally to keep the books from tipping over.

Place books in the storage boxes horizontally so the spines are kept safe from damage. Store the boxes in a dry, temperature-controlled area. Damp places, like a basement, may promote mold or warping of the pages and covers of your books.

Frequently clean and dust the shelves where your books are displayed. Also do a monthly check on the paperback books that you've placed in storage boxes. Doing so will ensure your books stay free from damage for years.


Use plastic wrap or plastic bags on the inside of the box or around the books to add an extra layer of protection from water.

Placing lit candles on bookshelves is a fire hazard.

Things You'll Need

  • Shelves
  • Storage boxes
  • Plastic wrap or bags