How to Write for HGTV

HGTV produces home and garden programs for its network. If you are a new writer with a specific proposal for a possible TV show perfect for HGTV, then it is going to be a challenge. HGTV does not accept unsolicited submissions from new writers. But don't fret. It is not impossible to get in the door. You just need to find a TV producer who is willing to back your idea and sell it to HGTV.

Research HGTV thoroughly as a company to see what programs it produces. Check its website and watch the range of programs broadcasted. Ensure that your program proposal is clearly an idea which you think the company will be interested in developing. Note that your idea must have an original perspective on the home or garden to stand a chance to be considered.

Write your proposal for an HGTV program. Write no more than two pages. Discuss what your idea is about, and why you think it is original and commercially viable for HGTV. Include market research and a potential TV slot for your program, as well as whether it is a single slot or a series.

Create an optional three-minute trailer on DVD to sell your program to a TV producer. This can be storyboard-style trailer.

Look through The Writers Handbook, which lists TV producers looking for ideas. Make a note of all the suitable TV producers listed.

Write a cover letter introducing yourself and your proposal. Specify that you can see your proposal as being suitable for HGTV. Ask the producer if he would be willing to back you with the aim of approaching HGTV.

Include a resume with your submission if you have had any work produced or published.

Send your proposal, trailer DVD, resume and cover letter to your chosen TV producer. Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for a reply and for your work to be returned.

Meet the TV producer who takes an interest in your proposal. Discuss with the producer how to take your idea forward. Tell the producer that you really want your work produced on HGTV.

Get your producer to approach HGTV by telephone. Note that HGTV only accepts proposals from professional TV production companies who have produced major programs.


Find a literary agent to represent you. This will aid you in your path to finding work as a writer in the TV industry.

Don't contact HGTV with a submission if you're not a reputable writer with a producer behind you.

Don't send your proposal for a home and garden show to a company that only specializes in screenplays.

Things You'll Need

  • Recordable DVD
  • The Writer's Handbook
  • Typing paper
  • C4 Manila envelope x2
  • Postage
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