How to Write a Job Application Form

Successful job interviewing starts with an application form that benefits the interviewer and prospective employee. A completed application should give the interviewer a sense of the applicant's lifestyle by asking about prior military service and possible blemishes on driver history. It should also provide insight into skills the applicant has learned on other jobs. On the other hand, the application should give applicants the chance to sell themselves by explaining why they believe they are qualified for the job.

Write instructions for completing the form. Tell applicants to print their answers legibly. Point out that the company tests applicants for illegal drug use.

Devote the first page to personal information questions. Ask for the applicant's name, address, social security number, home and mobile telephone numbers and age if under 18. Ask if the applicant has been convicted of a crime and, if so, the nature of the offense, date and sentence given.

Add another section for education information. Have applicants identify by name and location the high school, college and business or trade schools attended. Ask applicants to write the number of years at each school and degrees earned.

Move on to the second page. Have a section for driver history. Ask for the applicant's driver's license number, state of issue and expiration date. Ask about prior car accidents and traffic violations within the past three years. Have applicants specify the number of each.

Include a section for office skills. Ask if applicants use typewriters, computers or word processors. Have applicants identify other office skills they possess.

Request two references not related to the applicant. Ask for each reference's name, position, company, address and phone numbers.

Include blank space for applicants to explain why they are seeking the position. Instruct applicants to summarize any information not already asked that will help employers judge qualifications.

Have a section for military service. Ask applicants to explain service in the armed forces or the National Guard. Have them provide their specialty and dates of entry and discharge from the military.

Continue with a section for work experience. Ask applicants to identify previous employers by name, complete mailing address and phone number. Ask about the applicant's prior job titles and starting and ending salaries. Have applicants explain why they left former jobs. Ask them to explain the skills they learned from previous employers. Ask whether a present employer may be contacted.

Have applicants specify how many hours they can work each day and whether they prefer full- or part-time positions. Ask what date they are available to start.